Through his lens, photographer David Troeger has captured the magnificence of Aruba’s coastal waters – one side tranquil and transparent lapping the shore, and the other a foamy cauldron whipping the land. David is relatively new to the island, arriving in Aruba six years ago. “I picked up my first film camera in Germany when I was 10 years old. In the 20 years since then, taking pictures has been my passion, and I have had a camera with me most of the time. But it was only when I moved to Aruba that I felt like taking my passion to a professional level. With an abundance of beautiful natural spots, I started taking more and more pictures around the island until my work started to be noticed. You’ll now see my work promoting Aruba and its businesses. Currently, I do commercial work and underwater photo shoots. The latter combines two of my greatest passions – being in the water and taking pictures.” From his first explorations of the island, David was inspired by its natural wonders and immersed himself, bot literally and figuratively, in its azure and turquoise waters.

- Destination Magazine Aruba, 2019

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